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Enter the era of skin recovery with new technology coming soon from Usolab Vietnam
Friday, ngày 22-12-2023

Following the success of K Cream previously launched, Usolab Vietnam continues to launch the "secret weapon" for the skin and Exo-K technology - a recovery technology that is forecast to lead the trend. beauty in the near future.


Famous as the country with the world's leading developed beauty industry,  Korea is always highly appreciated for its skin care products and is trusted by many Asians, including Vietnamese. In 2021, Hana Korea Group successfully became the exclusive distributor of Usolab in Vietnam. Bringing beauty products and technology from Korea to a large number of domestic consumers..

Usolab Vietnam is the distillation of the essence of the Korean beauty industry, along with careful screening and rigorous testing processes before bringing products to consumers.

Usolab Vietnam defines unique skin through profound understanding and thorough research based on the application of scientific foundations. Usolab products not only affect the surface but penetrate the cell layer, helping to regenerate and bring healthy, shiny skin. That mission has been maintained and developed by Usolab for more than 20 years, serving as a premise for the brand to bring new technology to help customers improve and restore damaged skin.

Possessing a variety of product lines from spa-specific products to homecare products, Usolab Vietnam is proud to meet all customers' beauty needs, pioneering in the field of damaged skin recovery. In particular, with benign ingredients, researched and recognized as safe for users, Usolab Vietnam has surpassed many competitors in the same industry to become a trusted companion for customers.

In two years of launch, Usolab Vietnam pioneered in bringing modern beauty technologies, typically the K Cream product. Usolab's K Cream product helps restore, moisturize and visibly improve skin conditions. Not only is it positively recognized by customers who have experienced the product, Usolab's K Cream product is also highly appreciated by leading experts and dermatologists in the industry. Following that success, Usolab continues to develop K-Line, promising to open a new era of skin cell recovery with many outstanding recovery products.

Usolab Vietnam marks the brand's maturity as well as bringing a new revolution in customers' beauty journeys with the event "Usolab Journey to Glory" - the launch of a new generation of skin restoration products. and EXO-K technology provides superior redness reduction recovery, immune activation and helps strengthen the skin barrier. The event will take place on December 26, with more than 500+ guests expected to attend, all of whom are leading doctors, experts and spa owners in the Dermatology - Aesthetics industry.

In particular, the event also had the sharing participation of speakers such as expert Ko Na Yeon from Korea and CKII Doctor Pham Minh Truong and Pharmacist Nguyen Ngoc Hanh Thu. In addition, 100% of guests attending the event will receive a check-in gift worth 899K from Usolab Vietnam and have the opportunity to receive other attractive gifts such as: iPhone 15, gold... with a total value of up to up to one billion VND.

“Usolab Journey to Glory” is considered a special journey, recreating the path to glory of Usolab Vietnam, while affirming the leading position of the Usolab brand. For all detailed information about the event, please update the Fanpage and Website of Usolab Vietnam.

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