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Triangle of high blood fat treatment as recommended by experts
Friday, ngày 22-12-2023

To effectively treat high blood fat, patients need to persistently apply the treatment triangle as recommended by experts, including: Scientific diet - Exercise, reasonable living - Use of drugs and support products. Fit

High blood fat (dyslipidemia) is a disease that many people suffer from due to impaired organ function, unscientific diet and lifestyle... In the early stages, the disease has no clear symptoms and does not affect the body. health and life, so many people are still subjective and do not seek treatment. However, MSc. Dr. Nguyen Thi Hang (former Deputy Director of Tue Tinh Hospital) warns that over time, bad fat molecules will stick to the vessel walls, forming atherosclerotic plaques that narrow the vessel lumen, causing increased blood pressure, dizziness, and vertigo. face, numbness in limbs...

More seriously, when the atherosclerotic plaque peels off, it will form blood clots that move throughout the blood vessels, which can lead to stroke, myocardial infarction... Statistics show that 93% of people with stroke have lipid disorders. blood. Dyslipidemia appears in about 50% of young people with acute myocardial infarction.

Therefore, patients should receive treatment as soon as possible to prevent complications. To effectively control blood fat, you need to persistently apply the therapeutic triangle including the following 3 measures:

Scientific diet

People with hyperlipidemia should reduce consumption of saturated fats (animal fats, butter, milk, cheese, coconut oil...) and trans fats (processed foods, fast food, fried foods...), because These are two harmful fats, increasing bad fat and reducing good fat. Instead, increase the use of foods containing beneficial unsaturated fats such as salmon, herring, cashews, peanuts, peanut oil, olive oil, canola oil... to help reduce cholesterol and prevent cholesterol. Prevent thrombosis and cardiovascular disease. At the same time, increase vegetables and fruits high in fiber to reduce the absorption of unhealthy fats.

Exercise and live reasonably

Regular exercise helps promote blood circulation, "burn" excess fat, and contributes to good blood lipid control. People with high blood fat should exercise at least 30 minutes to 1 hour a day with activities such as walking, cycling, yoga...

Besides, adjusting your lifestyle, getting enough sleep 7-8 hours/day, not lying down right after eating, avoiding stress... also contributes to stabilizing blood fat.

Use appropriate medications and support products

Along with diet, exercise, and scientific living, people with high blood fat need to have appropriate treatment methods. Normally, doctors will prescribe Statin drugs to treat blood fat. Statins help quickly reduce blood fat, but the indexes easily increase again when you stop taking them. Long-term use also causes side effects such as fatigue, increased liver enzymes, muscle weakness...

Therefore, many people tend to use products that support blood fat reduction from herbs because they are benign and have sustainable effects.

Certified as Top 1 Vietnamese Product loved by consumers, Tam Binh Blood Fat is the top choice of people with blood lipids today. The product not only helps reduce blood fat but also affects the root cause of the disease, enhances liver function - the organ that metabolizes fat, helping to stabilize the disease in the long term.

Tam Binh Blood Fat ingredients include 7 precious herbs in Traditional Medicine, combined with 2 natural essences imported from abroad, and have been recognized as GRAS safe by the US FDA.

Among them, lotus leaves, Trach ta, and yellow bamboo shoots help reduce blood fat and reduce plaque on the vessel walls. Astragalus and hawthorn have the effect of enhancing food metabolism, preventing fat from sticking to blood vessel walls, and purifying excess bad cholesterol. Gynostemma pentaphyllum and artichoke help enhance liver function, detoxify the liver, and lower liver enzymes.

Bergamot essence extracted from Mediterranean Orange has been proven in more than 440 studies to reduce blood fat. Standardized Bergamot Extract contains more than 38% highly biologically active Flavonoids. Among them, there are 2 molecules, Neohesperindin and Narigin, with a structure similar to Statins that help inhibit the enzyme that synthesizes cholesterol in the liver, helping to simultaneously reduce all 3 bad fat indexes: Total Cholesterol, Triglycerides and LDL-Cholesterol. does not cause side effects.

Nanocurcumin liquid form is prepared using exclusive German technology, the absorption capacity is 185 times that of regular Curcumin, helps reduce blood fat, promotes the formation of liver detoxification enzymes, protects liver cells, reduces hepatitis and cirrhosis. .

With its superior formula, Tam Binh Blood Fat helps reduce blood fat, reduce Cholesterol and Triglycerides, reducing the risk of atherosclerosis causing high blood pressure, stroke, and vascular hemorrhage. At the same time, it helps reduce liver fat, reduces the risk of fatty liver, supports detoxification, and protects the liver.

Using Tam Binh Blood Fat combined with a reasonable diet and exercise will help people with high blood fat effectively control the disease and prevent complications.

Tam Binh blood fat is available at pharmacies nationwide. Contact hotline

0343 44 66 99 or visit for consulting support.

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