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Thyroid Fucoidan - TPBVSK for patients with benign thyroid tumors
Friday, ngày 22-12-2023

Thyroid tumors are a common disease today. This disease will cause many inconveniences in life. Understanding these inconveniences, Vinh Khang Pharmaceutical has researched and launched Thyroid fucoidan.


The importance of the thyroid gland to the body

In the body, the thyroid gland is the largest endocrine gland. The thyroid gland is shaped like two butterfly wings located on both front sides of the neck. The thyroid gland is responsible for producing and releasing the thyroid hormones T3 and T4. At the same time, they help control metabolic rate, nervous-cardiovascular system activity and regulate the metabolism of fats and other nutrients.

When the thyroid gland becomes overloaded, it will lead to a series of health problems such as difficulty breathing, obesity, memory loss, physical weakness, and developmental delay. So keeping the thyroid gland working properly is important for a healthy body.

However, under the influence of an unscientific diet, weakened physical condition, exposure to toxic substances or genetic factors, the thyroid gland can be affected. This is also the reason thyroid tumors are increasingly common. When suffering from a thyroid tumor, the patient will often fall into a state of fatigue, change their mood easily, and their voice will also be affected. Therefore, daily life as well as work will be affected.

Thyroid fucoidan - TPBVSK for patients with benign thyroid tumors
TPBVSK Thyroid fucoidan

Thyroid tumor is not a dangerous disease. However, if not detected and treated early, complications can develop into thyroid cancer and all activities in life will be seriously affected.

General Director Nguyen Van Vinh - Vinh Khang Pharmaceutical is always dedicated to the mission of caring for community health


As a unit that always strives for the mission of community health care, Vinh Khang Pharmaceutical, under the leadership of General Director Nguyen Van Vinh, has devoted much enthusiasm to launching the product Thyroid fucoidan. The product is considered a new hope for people with thyroid tumors.

General Director Nguyen Van Vinh shared: “ Vinh Khang Pharmaceutical always strives to create safe and quality product lines to take care of Vietnamese people's health. Thyroid fucoidan is one of them. We hope that good products like Thyroid fucoidan will reach consumers to help make the journey against thyroid tumors easier.”

Thyroid fucoidan is prepared from precious herbs

Thyroid fucoidan is a product prepared mainly from natural herbs including:

Mother Earth,
Dry herb
Sea algae
Kun dad
Bach flower snake plant
Dan ginseng
Some accessories.

These are all safe and benign ingredients for users' health. Most importantly, these ingredients are good for the thyroid.

Thyroid fucoidan is a safe product for users' health

Ingredients are carefully selected and then prepared on a modern production line to create Thyroid fucoidan. The product helps reduce the growth of benign thyroid tumors. For people with thyroid tumors, Thyroid fucoidan is truly a "great assistant" to improve health. The product has been licensed to circulate on the market by the Department of Food Safety - Ministry of Health. Therefore, users can rest assured.

Thyroid fucoidan is licensed for circulation by the Department of Food Safety - Ministry of Health


Health is the most valuable asset of each person. Therefore, taking care of your health in general and your thyroid in particular is very important. To care for and protect the thyroid gland, Thyroid fucoidan is a good support product. To order the product, people suffering from thyroid diseases should contact Hotline 091 745 8888 for support.

Thyroid fucoidan - good choice for thyroid people

Vinh Khang Pharmaceutical Company Limited


Hotline: 091 745 8888

The product is not a medicine and does not replace medicine.

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